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Two young people walk on an urban street, one holding a scooter.

Four context-rich English curriculum resources for secondary school teachers and students.

Karen Spencer

Karen Spencer

Most files updated 2023

All English resources were written by Karen Spencer, an educator with over 20 years’ experience.

Young people experience the importance of safe road use in their daily lives. Language has the power to shape and enrich their understandings.

Lessons using these resources involve analysing or creating texts – while enabling young people to think and act like citizens about a context that matters.

Interview with Karen about the four resources

Download all English resources

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Everything as Word docs [ZIP, 4.4 MB]  Everything as PDF [ZIP, 1.6 MB]

Years 9-10 unit 1: Access all areas

Updated 2023

In this unit, students will use photovoice and design thinking as they prepare to create a persuasive text that will aim to make local transport more accessible for all.

Key understanding: If transport is to be effective, everyone needs to be able to access and use it. Transport receives more investment than almost any other service in our society, and we all use it. We can all play a part in pushing for better solutions to the way transport (e.g. roads, rail, buses, streets) serves our needs.

English: Access all areas [DOCX, 1.8 MB]

Years 9-10 unit 2: A place we all share

Updated 2023

In this unit, students will undertake critical reading of advertisements in the context of their own actions around road safety.

Key understanding: Advertisements often try to change how we behave. New Zealand road safety advertisements encourage us to think of the roads as a ‘commons’, a place we all need and share.

English: a place we all share [DOCX, 644 KB]

NCEA Level 1

Update pending

Supports internal assessment for:

English Achievement Standard 1.4 Produce creative writing (AS 90052)

This activity requires students to draft, rework and present at least one piece of creative writing, based on how young people have agency to take positive action when travelling on our roads.

NCEA L1: The road not taken [DOCX, 1 MB]

NCEA Level 2

Updated 2023

Supports internal assessment for: English Achievement Standard 2.10

Analyse aspects of visual and/or oral texts through close viewing and/or listening, supported by evidence (AS 91107)

This activity requires students to analyse aspects of an oral or visual text that has been designed to educate young people about keeping themselves, and their peers and family, safe in cars.

NCEA L2 English: Party in the car [DOCX, 1.2 MB]


How the big marketing campaigns are made

Your students can learn more about each of the Waka Kotahi marketing campaigns.

Background information includes:

  • The challenge
  • The target audience and our approach
  • The campaign

Marketing campaigns (main Waka Kotahi website)(external link)

Take the learning deeper

In-depth information is in our Advertising Guide.

This guide helps Waka Kotahi staff and approved organisations to produce effective ad campaigns.

It is now available here as an educational resource for teachers and students.

  • Testing advertising concepts
  • Evaluating campaigns
  • Common mistakes

Waka Kotahi advertising guide PDF(external link) 

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