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Coordinator resources

Students walking across pedestrian crossing.

Safe school travel and active travel resources created by and for local councils.

If you work for a regional, city or district council and are a road safety coordinator or community travel coordinator, this place is for you.

Resources listed here are created by local councils and are freely available for other professionals to use and modify to suit the needs and opportunities in your patch. Let us know how you get on!

Resources may be shared and adapted for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons licence. Read more here:

About this site (copyright) 

Have something to share?

Please use the Contact us page to get in touch with the NZ Transport Agency's Senior Education Advisor. We'll help you get your listing published here.

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Map classroom activity Tipi Haere

Printable resources for students to map their own safe routes to school. Thanks to Wellington City Council.

Safety message handouts by senior students

Example of how students can design and make mementos embossed with safety messages to help younger peers learn about safe school travel. Thanks to Tauranga City Council, Travel Safe team.

Park and Stride

Simple and effective way to reduce congestion, increase safety and promote active travel. Thanks to Tauranga City Council, Travel Safe team.

Project Zebra

A short-duration high visibility campaign to increase awareness of safety around pedestrian crossings near schools. Thanks to WAVE, Timaru District Council, Auckland Transport, NZ Police.

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