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Literacy and numeracy using the road code

Young man learns to drive a car.

Use The official New Zealand road code to integrate learning for citizenship within broad contemporary social issues in New Zealand.

Updated 2023

This contextualised learning programme can help secondary students meet  Literacy and Numeracy requirements.

Activities include: check a car is safe before getting in, discuss the reasons for road rules, route planning, identify hazards, reflect on attitudes, create a whakataukī and write to a politician.

Download all Literacy and Numeracy resources

Get everything described below with one click.

Everything as Word docs [ZIP, 2.1 MB]  Everything as PDF [ZIP, 2.4 MB]

Unit standards covered

  • 26622: Write to communicate ideas for a purpose and audience
  • 26624: Read texts with understanding
  • 26625: Actively participate in spoken interactions
  • 26623: Use numbers to solve problems
  • 26626: Interpret statistical information for a purpose
  • 26627: Use measurement to solve problems

Plus a range of achievement standards.

Note: each activity has links to the online official New Zealand Road Code, Drive and related modules in Pathways Awarua, the online literacy and numeracy resource.

For the latest content visit:

The official New Zealand road code online(external link)

Drive: Learn the road code(external link)

Pathways Awarua(external link)


The intro outlines the big ideas around safer road use and citizenship with curriculum links and suggested learning pathways. Plus SOLO self-assessment rubrics.

Literacy and Numeracy Intro [DOCX, 631 KB]

SOLO self-assessment rubrics [DOCX, 200 KB]

Part 1

Bringing in ideas: what is worth knowing as a citizen and a road user? Students build ideas about citizenship, roads, hazards, road users, sharing, risk and distraction.

Literacy and numeracy Part 1 [DOCX, 628 KB]

Part 2

Relating ideas: explaining what is worth knowing as a citizen and a road user. Students develop their ability to explain the causes and consequences of citizenship in the context of road users.

Literacy and numeracy Part 2 [DOCX, 417 KB]

Part 3

Looking in a new way: extending your thoughts and your actions as a citizen and a road user. Students bring new insights by reflecting, evaluating, creating and taking action as citizens and road users who belong, matter and make a difference.

Literacy and numeracy Part 3 [DOCX, 452 KB]


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