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Couple waiting at bus stop.

Cross-curricular learning anchored around the social sciences is available in the unit below.

The context: safe and sustainable travel issues and how these lend themselves to critical thought and action at the level of school and local communities, as well as the national and global level.

Students can explore people’s perspectives and experiences, look at how decisions are made and develop solutions to problems.


Developing community transport solutions

New in 2020.

This project will walk students and teachers through the process of designing a solution to an issue within their transport community. Students and teachers can work through this planning document in groups or individually. It takes students from problem detection through to initial design ideas.

Supports outcomes in:

  • Social Sciences
  • English
  • Health

Developing community transport solutions [DOCX, 190 KB]

Developing community transport solutions [PDF, 182 KB] 

This project can be scaffolded by teachers for classes in Years 5-8, as well as secondary school classes.

Resource writer is Jono Broom, Assistant Principal at Haeata Community Campus.

Read more in the following interview with Jono.

New curriculum resource: local transport challenge

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