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Cars and vans driving on a street.

Physics concepts are applied through technology as students explore topics such as how we use forces to make vehicle crashes survivable.

Updated 2023

Years 9-10

Problem solving, experiments and enjoyable activities help students develop conceptual understanding of force and motion through the context of technologies used for road safety and safe stopping. 

This series of lessons matches achievement objectives at Level 5 of Science – Physical World in The New Zealand Curriculum.

Science: road safety [DOCX, 483 KB]

Science: road safety [PDF, 423 KB]

NCEA Level 1 physics

Internal assessment resource for:

Achievement Standard 90936: Demonstrate understanding of the physics of an application.

Students prepare a report on the physics involved in applications for crash avoidance or crash protection and explain how the phenomenon works in this context. 

Physics: crash avoidance [DOCX, 453 KB]

Physics: crash avoidance [PDF, 475 KB]

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