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Mathematics and Statistics curriculum resources featuring data sets, PowerPoint presentations and road safety contexts.

Sarah Howell.

Resources include:

  • Statistical inference for curriculum level 5.
  • NCEA Level 1 and Level 2 statistical inference resources for AS91035 and AS91264.
  • AS91263 Design a Questionnaire resource.
  • Year 10 trigonometry.

Maths educator Sarah Howell is the writer of all the resources.

Statistical inference: stopping distances, driver fatigue, and distraction

All files updated 2023

Statistical thinking and report writing are supported by these resources. 

Two contexts with datasets:

How far until it stops? Vehicle stopping distances in wet and dry conditions and at different speeds.

Driven to distraction! Driver distraction and driver fatigue.

Curriculum Level 5 bundle

Teacher guide: CL5 statistical inference [PDF, 250 KB]

Supports the teaching of statistical report writing at Year 10.

Download all CL5 files [ZIP, 18 MB]

Zip folder includes the CL5 teacher guide, 2 contextualised student tasks, datasets, and PowerPoints for classroom use.

NCEA Level 1 bundle

Teacher guide: NCEA Level 1 statistical inference [PDF, 249 KB]

Supports AS91035 version 3: Investigate a given multivariate data set using the statistical enquiry cycle.

Download all NCEA L1 files [ZIP, 18 MB] 

Zip folder includes the Level 1 teacher guide, 2 practice assessments, 2 datasets of 60 records, and PowerPoints covering the context and variables, writing questions, writing analysis statements and writing conclusions.

NCEA Level 2 bundle

Teacher guide: NCEA Level 2 statistical inference [PDF, 272 KB]

Supports AS91264 version 3: Use statistical methods to make an inference.

Download all NCEA L2 files [ZIP, 12 MB]

Zip folder includes the Level 2 teacher guide, 2 practice assessments, 2 datasets of 120 records, and PowerPoints covering the context, writing questions, analysis statements and conclusions.


The datasets are included in the file bundles above and are listed here for ease of access.

Driven to distraction dataset of 60 [CSV, 2 KB]

Driven to distraction dataset of 120 [CSV, 4 KB]

How far until it stops dataset of 60 [CSV, 1 KB]

How far until it stops dataset of 120 [CSV, 3 KB]

Design a questionnaire 

Updated 2023

Supports: AS91263 Design a Questionnaire.

This set of resources is a collection of 4 internal assessment tasks. Contexts include community road safety concerns, active travel modes for journeys to school, and user feedback for NZ’s road safety apps and websites.  

A teacher guide is included, providing an overview of the tasks, background information for teachers and some links to teaching resources.

Teacher guide: NCEA Level 2: Questionnaires [PDF, 195 KB]

Download all questionnaire resources [ZIP, 733 KB]

Zip folder includes the teacher guide, the 4 assessment tasks and a couple of learning aids.

Year 10 trigonometry: Crossing the centre line

Updated 2023

Crossing the centre line is a series of trigonometry investigations aimed at Year 10 students. The context is set around driver distractions or micro-sleeps (or zoning out) when driving.

Students look at how factors such as differing speeds or distraction times affect the distance travelled towards the centre line if the car starts to veer towards the right at a small angle.

Includes lesson plans, unit outline, student worksheets and spreadsheet.

Crossing the centre line – all resources [ZIP, 1.6 MB]

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