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AutonoMate: Future of Mobility

AutonoMate banner.

Enable your Year 9-10 students to collaborate on a design thinking project. The context: challenges and opportunities of emerging mobility technologies.

Lesson plans are mapped against Level 5 achievement objectives in:

  • Digital technologies
  • Social studies
  • English

The pace of change all around us is picking up, with new jobs, new technologies, new challenges and new opportunities for transport in New Zealand.

In this unit, students undertake design thinking and innovation practices in the context of transport and mobility experiences. The learning process includes problem definition, ideation and prototyping.

Suggested hardware and software lessons leverage existing technology and free platforms so students can build and code miniature self-driving cars.

The unit can be explored over two to three weeks or adjusted to be part of a wider inquiry. Students don’t need to complete every task.

Download the whole curriculum resource

Get everything described below in one click.

AutonoMate all curriculum resource files [ZIP, 22 MB]

View the resource by section

Main files

AutonoMate Year 9-10 Curriculum Resource [PDF, 1.7 MB]

This includes a unit outline and six modules of lesson plans.

AutonoMate one-pager [PDF, 263 KB]

A handy outline / poster to share with colleagues.

AutonoMate posters [PDF, 68 KB]

AutonoMate postcard [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Self-assessment rubric [PDF, 922 KB]

Activity resources

These are numbered to their corresponding module. Direct links are also found in the main curriculum resource.


M1 Rose thorn bud [PDF, 907 KB]

M1 Storyboard [PDF, 907 KB]

M3 Creative insight statements [PDF, 7.2 MB]

M3 How might we [PDF, 6.8 MB]

M3 Say do think feel [PDF, 907 KB]

M5 I like I wish I wonder [PDF, 178 KB]

M6 Create a pitch [PDF, 60 KB]

Read the case study

How Mt Roskill Grammar students experienced a trial event based on the AutonoMate learning process:

Coding cars models the future of transport 


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