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Rail safety 2019 – more sustainable journeys in Aotearoa New Zealand

Children at rail level crossing.

Resources  include video interviews, reading resources and interactive activities.

  • Virtual rides on commuter, freight and tourist trains
  • Interviews with a train driver, transport engineer and transport planner
  • Go for a virtual walk with students making decisions about crossing a railway line.

All resources:

Rail safety - more sustainable journeys in Aotearoa New Zealand (LEARNZ)(external link) 

Video highlights

Train control

Meet Kelly Huntley a Train Controller. See how technology is used to track and manage trains across New Zealand's rail network.

Rail safety chat with train driver

Take a look around the cab of an electric train and find out how to keep our rail network safe.

Train driver training simulator

See how a train simulator is used to help train new locomotive engineers

Looking after the locos

Find out how locomotives are serviced and why they carry sand!

Safety at level crossings

Find out how to keep yourself and others safe at level crossings.

Crossing railway tracks safely

Meet students from St Theresa's School and see how to cross a level crossing safely.

More resources for rail safety

Rail safety curriculum resources

Years 1-8 overview, English, Mathematics, Science and Social sciences. Written by Pam Hook.

TrackSAFE New Zealand(external link)

Organiser of Rail Safety Week, TrackSAFE is New Zealand’s organisation dedicated to preventing harm on the rail corridor. Find safety advice and information on safety issues here.


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