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Rail Safety 2020 virtual field trip

Children look carefully at rail crossing.Term 3 saw LEARNZ teacher Andrew Penny lead a virtual field trip to Auckland for students to explore safety and sustainability with New Zealand’s rail network.

New Zealand’s trains are taking increasing numbers of people and freight. Train travel makes our roads safer and less congested and supports sustainability goals too.

Rail safety matters a great deal. 

All resources:

Rail safety 2020 (LEARNZ)(external link)


Video highlights

Safety at rail crossings

Visit Morningside Station in Auckland to learn what to do.

Staying safe around trains

Explore key safety features inside the Britomart underground train station.

Monitoring the train network

Get behind the scenes at Auckland's train operations centre.

More resources for rail safety

Rail safety curriculum resources

Years 1-8 overview, English, Mathematics, Science and Social sciences. Written by Pam Hook.

TrackSAFE New Zealand(external link)

Organiser of Rail Safety Week, TrackSAFE is New Zealand’s organisation dedicated to preventing harm on the rail corridor. Find safety advice and information on safety issues here.

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