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Share the road — design thinking and a safer transport system for everyone

Driving simulator, University of Waikato.2018 saw a LEARNZ virtual field trip which enables student inquiry projects on the safe system approach to developing New Zealand’s transport networks.

  • Putaruru College students talking about making their award-winning video "Hayden's Big Adventure”.
  • Getting up close to parts of the Waikato Expressway to see how it is designed.
  • Talking to experts at the University of Waikato about their driving simulator, which is used to test new road safety features and driver behaviour.

All resources:

Share the road virtual field trip (LEARNZ website)(external link)

Video highlights

Ideas for Analysing Traffic Near Your School

Putaruru College students and Sergeant Murray Hamilton discuss how to identify road safety issues and investigate traffic. 

Designing Roads for Everyone

Meet Bridget Burdett, a transport engineer. Find out who has to be consulted before roads can be built and how road design has changed over time.

Keeping Safe on the Waikato Expressway

Visit the Hamilton section and look at safety features to make the road easier to use and more forgiving if drivers make mistakes.

Electric Vehicles - Plus, Minus, Interesting

Talk to Law Professor Barry Barton about electric vehicles and consider the pros, cons and interesting points about their use in New Zealand.

Researching Driver Behaviour

Psychology Professor Sam Charlton explains how he has been studying driver behaviour and how this leads to safety improvements. 

The Driver Simulator

Take the driver simulator for a test ride and see how it performs. Discover the benefits and limitations of this machine and think about how it can be used to improve road safety.

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