School policy and practices

Here are resources for boards of trustees, senior managers and teachers wanting to support road safety around their school.

  • Road Map - Road safety resources for school communities

    This Road Map directs schools and communities to road safety education resources relevant for each stage of a child’s development. Versions available for years 1-8 and secondary.

  • School Traffic Safety Teams

    Find out who can be in a school traffic safety team, why these teams are important, and download useful resources including everything needed to create a customised school traffic safety team manual. Updated October 2016.

  • Road safety education policy

    An example of a school policy/procedure to assist children make safer journeys.

  • Safe School Bus Travel - Years 9 - 13

    Other NZTA Resources

    Resources relating to safe traveling: safe bus choices, cyclist code and how child restraints save lives.

  • All printable posters and resources (not curriculum plans)

    On this page, you can see all NZTA posters, charts and other printable resources. These include road and rail safety posters, Feet First resources and walking school bus resources.