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Road safety education policy

Adult and child walk across pedestrian crossing.

Schools are encouraged to emphasise the importance of road safety through policies and procedures. An example road safety education policy is given here.

Policies are effective when they are viewed as living documents, developed and reviewed through community consultation. The policy should reflect the types of travel undertaken by the school community.

Road safety education policy example [DOCX, 31 KB]

Road safety education policy example [PDF, 189 KB]

Example policy updated November 2021.

The example policy does not provide comprehensive coverage of all possible road safety issues. It has an emphasis on road safety education for students through:

  • curriculum-linked learning
  • and student’s direct experiences of safe school travel.

Any school creating a road safety policy will need to consider the learning needs of students and the road environment of its community.

Please note: this web page and example policy documents provide guidance only. Boards of Trustees and Principals must ensure their own school policies and procedures meet all legal requirements.


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