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Road safety posters, pamphlets and online tools

Schools can download posters to share messages about safe road use, aimed at a young audience.

Pedestrian safety poster.

Example poster

Also available are pamphlets about safe school bus travel and child restraints, plus online learning tools for young people.


Poster: Pedestrian safety (English) [PDF, 639 KB]

Poster: Cycling safety (English) [PDF, 653 KB]

Poster: Rail safety (English)  [PDF, 2.3 MB]

Poster: Pedestrian safety (te reo Māori) [PDF, 517 KB]

Poster: Cycling safety (te reo Māori) [PDF, 539 KB]

Poster: Rail safety (te reo Māori) [PDF, 506 KB]


Child restraints safe lives [PDF, 364 KB]

Everything above in one click

All posters and pamphlets [ZIP, 4.9 MB]

More information about child restraints

Waka Kotahi has video guides for installing child restraints and an explanation of legal requirements for their use.

Buying and installing child restraints(external link)

Online tools 

Drive logo


Free website designed to make it easier for young people to become confident and capable drivers. is full of features and engaging content that makes learning the road rules and learning to drive much easier and more fun.

Drive(external link)

Pathways Awarua logo

Pathways Awarua

Pathways Awarua, the Tertiary Education Commission’s (TEC) online literacy and numeracy resource is now freely available to students in years 9-13.

The tool includes over 390 modules to support learners in strengthening their numeracy, reading, writing and listening competencies.

Modules developed with Waka Kotahi cover content for the learner, restricted and heavy vehicles driver licenses, providing a relevant context for many young learners.

Pathways Awarua(external link)

road code logo

The road code

The official New Zealand road code is a user-friendly guide to New Zealand’s traffic law and safe driving practices. You will be tested on this information in your theory and practical driving tests.

The road code(external link)

cyclist code logo

The code for cyclists

The official New Zealand code for cyclists is a user-friendly guide to New Zealand’s traffic law and safe driving practices.

The official New Zealand code for cyclists(external link)



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