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Teacher and students smile at camera.

Hands-on science, persuasive writing and mapping local routes as students investigate changes to speed limits around schools. 

Published 2023

Speed limits are changing on the roads around school and kura. Your students will see new speed signs and other features, prompting a real-world opportunity to understand how they themselves contribute to a safer, thriving community. 

The Safe speeds around schools lesson plans bring this context to your classroom. It includes adaptations for Years 1-3, 4-6 and 7-8.

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Everything as Word [ZIP, 5.2 MB] Everything as PDF [ZIP, 1.9 MB]

Get everything in a te reo Māori translation:

Ngā tere haumaru tata ki ngā kura


Background and full description of each resource

Students will:

  • identify possible road safety hazards and produce a piece of writing about road safety
  • learn through hands-on science investigations how lower speeds make school travel safer
  • present their findings about safe local routes, learning through doing that it will take all of us working together to make our roads safe.

Two students do an experiment with a marble shooter.

Safe speeds enable more kids to get around safely in ways that are good for their health and the environment. Plus, there’s reduced risk to tamariki and whānau of being killed or seriously injured on the way to and from school.

Resource writer: Matt Boucher is deputy principal of an intermediate school and has extensive science education experience.

Case study and video featuring Matt and his students:

Safe speeds around schools: curriculum resource gets its first run

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An overview of the purpose and structure of the resource, with curriculum connections.

Outline Safe speeds around schools [DOCX, 630 KB]

Lesson 1

Students learn the big picture of New Zealand’s road safety situation, identify local safety features and produce a piece of persuasive writing about can be done to improve safety.

Lesson 1 Safe speeds around schools [DOCX, 1.2 MB]

Lesson 2

Includes 2 science experiments. First, the marble launcher, to learn about speed and force. Second, stopping distances.

Lesson 2 Safe speeds around schools [DOCX, 2.7 MB]

Handy guide to making a marble launcher for lesson 2.

Marble launcher instructions [PDF, 359 KB]

Lesson 3

Students map hazards on their routes to school and present their findings.

Lesson 3 Safe speeds around schools [DOCX, 629 KB]

Video guides

Lesson 2 includes links to these videos at the relevant step in the activities.





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