NZTA curriculum and school resources

Scroll down to browse all our transport safety resources. These support the whole-school approach to safe travel through school community partnerships, school ethos and organisation, and curriculum.

Teachers will find curriculum materials divided into primary and secondary. These include flexible unit plans aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum and covering most learning areas.

Resources in the other categories support school road safety programmes and have clear and road and rail safety messages for students and parents.

Browse Whole School Approach Sections

  • Secondary curriculum resources

    Teachers can download and modify units which integrate road safety as a context into several learning areas. Set at curriculum level 4 and above. Includes several NCEA internal assessment resources, all QAAM certified by NZQA.

  • Primary curriculum resources

    Teachers can download and modify flexible resources to create lessons across the curriculum using varied safe travel contexts. Set at curriculum level 1 and above.

  • School ethos and organisation

    Download road safety guides and manuals, including for school traffic safety teams, and view example school policies. Feet First materials are here.

  • School community partnerships

    Guidance on forming useful partnerships, travel planning resources, and NZTA newsletters covering council and Police initiatives.