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Rail safety 2019 – more sustainable journeys in Aotearoa New Zealand

Children at rail level crossing.Teachers, a warm welcome to the latest LEARNZ virtual field trip sponsored by the NZ Transport Agency:

What: Rail Safety – more sustainable journeys in Aotearoa New Zealand 

When: Term 3, starting 13 August 2019 (Rail Safety Week)

Deepen your students’ experiential learning of our transport systems and enrich inquiry learning about citizenship, safety and sustainability. 

Resources will include video interviews and experiences, plus live web conferences where students put questions to transport professionals. Reading resources and interactive activities included.

  • Virtual rides on commuter, freight and tourist trains
  • Interviews with a train driver, transport engineer and transport planner
  • Go for a virtual walk with students making decisions about crossing a railway line.
  • Share thoughts on the future of rail transport and rail safety.

Enrol via the LEARNZ summary page(external link)


Field trip plan

Tuesday 13 August: Our Rail Network

Explore the impact of rail in Aotearoa New Zealand and how people can travel more sustainably and safely. See how trains are tracked and the rail network managed through a central train control centre.

Wednesday 14: August Moving Freight Sustainably

Follow the journey of freight and look at the role of rail in moving goods across the country. See how to stay safe at level crossings. 

Thursday 15: August The Future of Transport 

Travel on a passenger train in Wellington and investigate the future of transport. Find out how you can travel responsibly and reduce your impact on the environment.


More resources for rail safety

Rail safety curriculum resources

Years 1-8 overview, English, Mathematics, Science and Social sciences. Written by Pam Hook.

TrackSAFE New Zealand(external link)

Organiser of Rail Safety Week, TrackSAFE is New Zealand’s organisation dedicated to preventing harm on the rail corridor. Find safety advice and information on safety issues here.

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