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Develop understanding of the power of effective representation. Media studies students can choose varied road safety texts for the this assessment activity.

NCEA Level 2

Internal assessment resource for:

Achievement Standard 91250: Demonstrate understanding of representation in the media.

Students demonstrate understanding of how road users are represented in short media texts designed to educate a target audience about keeping themselves, peers and family, safe in and around cars. This is a Quality Assured Assessment Material certified by NZQA.

Media studies NCEA Level 2 [DOCX, 2.3 MB]

Media studies NCEA Level 2 [PDF, 882 KB]


How the big marketing campaigns are made

Your students can learn more about each of the Waka Kotahi marketing campaigns.

Background information includes:

  • The challenge
  • The target audience and our approach
  • The campaign

Marketing campaigns (main Waka Kotahi website)(external link)

Take the learning deeper

In-depth information is in our Advertising Guide.

This guide helps Waka Kotahi staff and approved organisations to produce effective ad campaigns.

It is now available here as an educational resource for teachers and students.

  • Testing advertising concepts
  • Evaluating campaigns
  • Common mistakes

Waka Kotahi advertising guide PDF(external link) 

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