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Cars driving at night.

These units let students express the emotions, thought and action inherent in road safety scenarios they create.

Drama students gain “new power to examine attitudes, behaviours, and values” – The New Zealand Curriculum. 

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Year 9-10 unit

This series of lessons allows year 9-10 students to create and deliver performances about road safety scenarios of their choosing.

Includes lesson plans for mime, radio drama, dance and improvisation, plus an overarching unit plan.

Aligns to NZ Curriculum level 5: understanding drama in context, developing practical knowledge, developing ideas, communicating and interpreting.

Drama road safety lesson plans [DOC, 52 KB]

Drama road safety unit plan [DOC, 122 KB]

NCEA Level 2

Internal assessment resource for:

Achievement Standard 91214: Devise and perform a drama to realise an intention.

Students devise and perform an original drama. This is based on ideas arising from their research into how making the right decision on the road leads to safer road use.

The drama could be from the perspective of a pedestrian, on-looker, passenger or driver in a car. This is a Quality Assured Assessment Material certified by NZQA.

Drama: NCEA Level 2 Safe road use [DOC, 86 KB]

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