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Meet Sergeant Deane McEntee, a police officer in Auckland. It’s his job to work with teachers on youth education programmes, including road safety.

He’ll come into a school and help plan and run lessons that suit the age group of your students.

“It’s very rewarding and it’s proactive. We build up relationships and often have children come up to us after school to talk.”

Deane McEntee

Sergeant Deane McEntee

"We work in a partnership with teachers," he says. And as a uniformed officer, he’s a role model the children will remember.

"We offer credibility because it is part of our job to deal with road safety issues. We’ve learned about it from experience," says Deane.

What children learn from road safety classes often sticks with them.

"The children go home and educate their parents about things like how to cross the road. It’s very beneficial and rewarding."

Deane and his colleagues work with new entrants through to secondary students.

“For example, we’ll talk to year 10 classes who are about to learn to drive. It’s needs-based depending on what the school has asked for, as well as addressing road safety issues that the Police have identified need to be addressed with that age group and in that particular
community – these could be speed, drink driving or texting while driving.”

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