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How students can design road safety campaigns

Students develop road safety ideas on a whiteboard.

Videos explain a design process students can use to create effective campaigns for their school community. Made with SADD.

These videos explain how students, including SADD teams, can use a design thinking process. Examples are given from the education and advertising work of Waka Kotahi.

If you use design thinking when you try to solve a problem, you will:

  • collaborate
  • identify challenges
  • gather information
  • generate potential solutions
  • refine ideas
  • test the end product.

By design thinking you are always checking that you are listening to your audience so your message will get through and you can make positive change.

The videos are shared here in partnership with Students Against Dangerous Driving.

SADD(external link)


Find out about SADD's superpower, and hear some great tips.

Problem definition

Learn about the audience you are designing for. 

Use the 5 'W's to help you understand the problem.

Construct a point of view based on the issues you have found.

Engaging your audience

Your key question - who are you trying to reach with your road safety message?

Define the characteristics of your target audience.

You need to connect with the people who take risks and the people who are affected by those who take risks.

Design and build

Brainstorm, mind map, design and build creative solutions to your problem. 

Keep your audience at the centre of what you do. Reflect on your new understanding of
the data and propose solutions.

Refine your ideas into a useable solution.

Going live

Take your prototype resource back to your school to launch it. 

Think about who in your school or community should be involved in the action stage of your campaign, when and why.

Monitoring and evaluation

Once your campaign is running, work out if it's making a difference or not.

What feedback are you getting from your target audience?

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