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Experiment with ramp and cans.

Bite-size classroom activities that support big science ideas relating to road safety.

Published 2020

Get students learning hands-on as they explore big science ideas with these engaging activities. 

  • Suitable for Years 1-10.
  • Printable instruction sheets.
  • Written by science education consultant Brigitte Glasson.

Each activity features concise online teacher support material:

  • NZ Curriculum links
  • Science concepts and capabilities
  • Possible learning objectives

With thanks to teachers Jane Lennon and Drew McGlashen for their advice.

Artwork: Jacqui Trumpet.

Gravity and friction

Students develop their understanding of gravity and how friction slows things down, as they experiment with marbles, tin cans and bits and bobs like bubble wrap and sandpaper. 

A1 Marvelous Marbles - To Move or Not To Move

A2 Marvelous Marbles and Reliable Ramps

A3 Slippery Slopes and Cans On The Run

A4 Slippery Slopes and Rough Roads

A5 Gravity and Friction Finale

Colossal Collisions

Help students learn about movement, forces and energy. They'll get hands-on with marbles, record their observations and focus on using their evidence as they build up their conceptual understanding of physical world phenomena.

B1 Let's get moving

B2 Bang!

B3 Straight line impacts

B4 Adding Oomph

Design for safety

These activities are used to model safety features such as bicycle helmets and vehicle crumple zones. Your students will practise critiquing their own evidence while squashing paper cones and protecting eggs!

C1 Effects of impacts

C2 Crumple zones

C3 Distraction

C4 Helmets

C5 The ultimate challenge


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