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The Feet First resources provide learning experiences around the context of walking to school. 

Updated 2023

Each term includes 5-6 lessons with learning intentions, learning experiences, thinking strategies, what if questions, internet links, and self-assessment rubrics for curriculum levels 1-4.

These resources

  • connect students to people, places and environments around them
  • encourage them to be active contributors to the well-being of their communities and environments
  • provide experiences to develop critical and creative thinking.

Download the whole Feet First resource

Get everything described below with one click.

All Feet First files as Word docs [ZIP, 5 MB]

All Feet First files as PDFs [ZIP, 3.2 MB]

Term 1 Walking and road safety

  • English (visual language): Create your static image or advert about road safety.
  • English: explanation writing .
  • Mathematics and statistics: investigation into local road safety.
  • Maths (geometry): Students use online tools to plan and measure walking routes.
  • Health and PE: Create a safety management plan on how students get to school.
  • Technology: making child pedestrians more visible.

Term 1 resources [ZIP, 1.2 MB]

Term 2 Walking and exploring

  • Visual arts: exploring pavement art.
  • Health and PE: Describe safe practices for walking to school.
  • Mathematics and Statistics: Map and measure walking routes.
  • Science: exploring living things and habitats during your walk.
  • Social Sciences: Create an online resource about a natural or man-made feature you walk past .
  • Technology: design a walkway or footpath.

Term 2 resources [ZIP, 1.2 MB]

Term 3 Walking and creating

  • English: Creating poems.
  • Music: creating music from sounds heard when walking.
  • Health and PE: creating relationships when walking.
  • Health and PE: creating a healthier me.
  • Science: sustainable environments.

All Term 3 resources [ZIP, 1.2 MB]

Term 4 Walking and helping the planet

  • English: Argument writing about walking.
  • Health and PE: walking and communities, taking collective action.
  • Maths and Statistics: Can we help the planet by using statistics to investigate travelling to school?
  • Science: helping our planet for clean air and water
  • Social Sciences: local travel in the past, present and future.
  • Technology: design outcomes to help people walk with young children.

All Term 4 resources [ZIP, 1.2 MB]

Student inquiry

A main scenario for each term plus other topics and internet links.

Term 1: walking to the big game, transport during major events.

Term 2: Create a guide for a walking route around local landmarks for kids.

Term 3: Design a main street that meets the needs of locals.

Term 4: How walking can support sustainable use of resources.

Student inquiry resource [DOCX, 424 KB]

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