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School children put on their bike helmets.

BikeReady is about having the skills and experience to bike for life. It is New Zealand’s national cycle education system and includes curriculum-based learning.

There are two components to how schools get involved with BikeReady. These are cycle skills training sessions with professional instructors, and teacher-led classroom learning.

Curriculum-based learning helps young people place their bike riding in a wider context of participation in a safe transport system. Lesson plans support students taking part in BikeReady Grade 1 skills training, or any class interested in exploring the context of bike riding.

“This series of learning activities allows students to solve problems, discuss and experiment. They can create resources to develop a deep understanding of the causes and consequences of safe riding, as well as risk management strategies to keep safe." Pam Hook, education specialist

Note: This curriculum resource is to be trialled in a school, with further revisions possible. All feedback is welcome, please contact us

BikeReady cycle education website(external link)

Download the whole resource

Get everything described below with one click (English language version).

Everything as Word docs [ZIP, 3.7 MB]Everything as PDF [ZIP, 3.8 MB]

Get everything below in a te reo Māori version.

Everything as Word docs (Māori ) [ZIP, 4.4 MB]Everything as PDF (Māori ) [ZIP, 5.7 MB]


An outline of big ideas students can explore in relation to bike riding, and how teachers can use this resource.

BikeReady introduction [DOCX, 560 KB]

Prior knowledge

Activities for finding out what students know about safe riding and having fun on a bike.

BikeReady 1.0 Prior Knowledge [DOCX, 168 KB]


Six resources full of classroom activities. These expand on the content of cycle skills training sessions through alignment to the learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.

BikeReady Lesson 1 checking bikes [DOCX, 289 KB]

BikeReady Lesson 2 start, ride along and stop [DOCX, 195 KB]

BikeReady Lesson 3 using gears [DOCX, 288 KB]

BikeReady Lesson 4 looking all around [DOCX, 310 KB]

BikeReady Lesson 5 signalling [DOCX, 1.6 MB]

BikeReady Lesson 6 emergency stopping [DOCX, 268 KB]

Transfer activities

Extension ideas for student inquiry projects looking into challenges and opportunities for cyclists in the local community.

BikeReady 3.0 Transfer Lessons [DOCX, 488 KB]


National and regional cycling organisations. Key competencies SOLO self-assessment rubrics. Example planning when cycling as a context for Citizenship and Hauora.

BikeReady 4.0: Appendices [DOCX, 103 KB]

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