Health and PE

Health and Physical Education curriculum resources for New Zealand which focus on cycling.These Health and Physical Education resources provide opportunities for students to

  • improve cycle skills
  • examine the place of cycling in the community
  • design actions to promote cycling to others.

October 2017 onward. Found these resources useful in your school?
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Videos with Hayden Shaw, Health and PE resource writer

This resource is about enhancing students’ bike skills and bike-riding knowledge while they gain a greater understanding of how cycling can increase the hauora of self, others and society.

Students create a game, physical activity or social action that could positively influence numbers of people cycling. This unit allows students to more often consider cycling as a mode of transport. It also allows students to develop critical thinking skills and take action to design future transport.

This resource supports students to develop a greater understanding of why cycling is important. Initially, the focus is why fewer students cycling to schools than in the past. It examines the benefits of cycling and potential hazards.

Students then work with younger students from their own school or a nearby primary school. Students put together an action plan to enhance younger students’ cycling abilities by creating and applying a three-session cycling development programme.