Wheels, cycling and skateboarding tips

Safe skateboard and cycling skills for schools

Skateboarding slideshares

These slideshares can help young people, their families and teachers learn how to travel safely:

Skateboard users must take extra care to check for vehicles coming in or out of driveways, just as they would when walking. They must also follow their usual kerb drill when crossing a road.

Skateboards are classified as wheeled recreational vehicles. They are legally allowed on footpaths, as long as the rider shows consideration for other users, including pedestrians.

Skateboarding Safety from nztaeducation


Schools with cycling please read the cyclist code and we encourage a cycle skills programme for all students aged 10 and over.

What other schools are doing

The PDF collection of articles contains key tips and examples of what schools are doing. This can provide schools with ideas when responding to an issue in the school community or when reviewing road safety policy.

Scooter safety tips

Read our list of tips for safe scooter use for students.