Road safety info for families

Road safety info for families Hike it Bike it banner

Hike it, Bike it, Scoot it, Skate it

Safer Journeys for School Children: A Whānau and Caregivers’ Guide

Here’s what parents, whānau and caregivers need to know to help teach children about staying safe on roads and near railways.


  • Walking. Includes kerb drill and blocked footpaths.
  • Walking on rural roads.
  • Cycling.
  • Helmet safety – cycling, scooting and skating.
  • Going by car.
  • Taking the bus.
  • Safety around trains.

Schools can print or share copies with their community.

  • Hike it Bike it Scoot it Skate it 2017

    PDF Document, 1.0 MB

    This leaflet describes the things you need to know to help teach your child about staying safe on roads, cycling, walking, taking the bus and near railways. Keep it somewhere to use as a handy reference tool.