Police School Community Officers

Constable Andy Napier

School Community Officers  are experienced police officers who work with schools to prevent crime and victimisation, supporting them to develop and implement safety education and shared interventions, including about road safety.

Their role is to take every opportunity to prevent harm in the school community, so that students not only are safe, but also feel safe.

There are about 100 School Community Officers, who cover every school in New Zealand. You can contact your school's School Community Officer at your local police station.

More information:

Police - School Partnerships (NZ Police Schools Portal)

Police working with schools - their stories

Below are stories about how School Community Officers have worked with schools on road safety education. These first appeared in NZ Transport Agency newsletters.

  • Rob Kennerley, Auckland

    Rob says students are often extra eyes and ears, and keep him informed about traffic conditions outside schools.

  • Aaron Dann, Wellington

    Aaron discusses his approaches to teaching bicycle and scooter safety in schools.

  • Fenton Herrick, Southland

    Fenton talks about how he helps students of all ages learn to make good decisions.

  • Kevin Marshall

    Kevin Marshall, Napier

    Read about his work on school profiles, working with parents, and teaching cycle safety skills.

  • Anna Duncan, Taranaki

    Anna explains why road safety projects are more effective when students take the lead.

  • Debbie Wilson, Christchurch

    The aftermath of the 2011 Earthquake saw Debbie responding quickly to schools in need of assistance.

  • Andy Napier, Franklin

    Find out how Andy likes to work with secondary students when discussing road safety with them.

  • Bernie Watt, Orewa

    Bernie is experienced at working alongside teachers, and ensuring students gain practical skills.

  • Deane McEntee, Auckland

    Police officers like Deane help teachers create learning experience tied to the age and needs of students.