NZTA Education Newsletters

Here you will find a list of past newsletters from the Education Portal.

These provide a quick way for teachers and partner agencies to get ideas about effective road safety education.

The full PDF newsletters are available below.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 37 (October 2017)

    PDF Document, 5.4 MB

    Case studies of teaching and learning. These celebrate the winners and highly commended entries from the Future Transport Competition 2017. Primary through to secondary students designed games and narratives about transforming transport.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 36 (May 2017)

    PDF Document, 1.5 MB

    Future Transport Competition: a teacher talks about the approach with his students + tips for getting entries completed. Design thinking: an interview with university students who design and build electric cars. Safety around trucks is the theme of new curriculum resources.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 35 (May 2017)

    PDF Document, 534.3 KB

    Future Transport Competition: Meet the experts investigating NZ's transport future. Plus: Think like engineers - how student design projects the work of engineers. Careers education: profile posters and visits from Futureintech ambassadors.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 34 (February 2017)

    PDF Document, 1.4 MB

    In this issue: The Future Transport Competition which runs Terms 1-2 2017 for Years 1-13. Judging criteria, curriculum thoughts from Pam Hook, meet the judges and student tips to cut out and display.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 33 (November 2016)

    PDF Document, 3.4 MB

    Case studies of student learning from the winners of the Game Design Competition 2016. Deep learning, key competencies, collaboration, students as creators. Rachel Bolstad on the emergence of young game designers.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 32 (July 2016)

    PDF Document, 2.5 MB

    In this issue: resources to help secondary students with safe road use. Read about the Drive website for young drivers, Pathways Awarua literacy and numeracy tool including the road code, curriculum resources, NCEA credits for drivers licences and more.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 31 (May 2016)

    PDF Document, 1.0 MB

    In this issue: students talk about game design, Game Designers Stephen Knightly and Maru Nihoniho on games for social good, a secondary game design unit is profiled, and Inspector Paula Holt talks about effective road safety education.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 30 (March 2016)

    PDF Document, 507.3 KB

    In this issue: Teacher John Creighton reviews the classroom potential of the Game Design Competition. Rachel Bolstad and Dan Milward talk about games for social good, experienced programmer Martin Langhoff gives game design tips and we profile game designer and academic Ben Tuhoe Kenobi.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 29 (February 2016)

    PDF Document, 1.3 MB

    More on the Game Design Competition. Career profile: Game developer Jeremy Burgess. Pam Hook on giving games a sense of purpose and Neil Melhuish on matching gameplay to audience.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 28 (November 2015)

    PDF Document, 384.9 KB

    Introducing the Game Design Competition for student teams in Years 7 to 13. Runs Terms 1 and 2 2016. Plus giving game design a go in your classroom, by NZCER senior researcher Rachel Bolstad.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 27 (October 2015)

    PDF Document, 1.8 MB

    Secondary students connect with literacy and numeracy resource which supports unit standards using the Road Code for context. Statistical enquiry cycle matched with meaningful context for NCEA AS 1.10. Students learn about engineering careers through context of the Waterview Connection tunnels project.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 26 (July 2015)

    PDF Document, 2.2 MB

    In this newsletter: Learnz teacher Shelley Hersey previews the Waterview Connection virtual field trip starting August 4, students look at engineering careers, plus the Smart Motorways virtual field trip, starting August 25.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 25 (May 2015)

    PDF Document, 1.3 MB

    In this newsletter: secondary teachers talk about how to help young people advocate for safer road use. Rosemary Hipkins writes about authentic contexts for the curriculum, and a case study of year 12 students in English class analysing TV ads including Legend and Blazed.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 24 (April 2015)

    PDF Document, 2.0 MB

    In this newsletter: the development of Pukeahu National War Memorial Park and Arras Tunnel, Wellington. Links to videos and learning resources from four Learnz virtual field trips.

  • Map and road safety logos

    Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 23 (February 2015)

    PDF Document, 784.3 KB

    In this newsletter: English and TV ad campaigns, digital tech students mapping crash data, literacy & numeracy resource and more

  • Boy buckling helmet, kids on bicycles

    Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 22 (November 2014)

    PDF Document, 1.4 MB

    In this newsletter: picture books about safe travel written in te reo Māori published by seven kura and rumaki reo.

  • Cover image of newsletter

    Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 21 (October 2014)

    PDF Document, 686.2 KB

    In this newsletter: teachers give feedback on virtual field trips to Waterview Connection tunnels and National War Memorial Park, Andrea Milligan on citizenship education, and more resources to support virtual field trips.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 20 (July 2014)

    PDF Document, 3.9 MB

    In this newsletter: teachers discuss secondary school maths resources, a unique tool instils road safety in students minds, and an interview with Neil Shaw - Programme Manager, Young Drivers at ACC.

  • NZTA Newsletter: Issue 19, May

    Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 19 (May 2014)

    PDF Document, 1.0 MB

    In this newsletter: Literacy and Numeracy resources, update on virtual field trips to Auckland's Waterview motorway tunnels and Wellington's Memorial Park, and the NZ Police talk about the Literacy and Numeracy resource.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 18 (April 2014)

    PDF Document, 1.5 MB

    In this newsletter: rail safety curriculum resources for years 1-8 are detailed, update on virtual field trips to Auckland's Waterview motorway tunnels and Wellington's Memorial Park, and Police talk rail safety.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 17 (February 2014)

    PDF Document, 971.6 KB

    In this newsletter: virtual field trips to Auckland and Wellington road projects, NCEA digital technologies assessment resource used by students, new secondary English resourcs, and support for Police school community officers.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 16 (November 2013)

    PDF Document, 897.5 KB

    In this newsletter: Rosmini College runs safe travel expo, how to access secondary curriculum resources, teacher Sarah Howell talks about creating mathematics resources, Police officer Jolanda Roe, child restraint laws for vehicles.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 15 (October 2013)

    PDF Document, 902.8 KB

    In this newsletter: Mix & Mash competition - preliminary student winners showcased. Christchurch South Intermediate students create own scooter racks. Constable Rob Kennerley talks about students as extra eyes and ears.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 14 (August 2013)

    PDF Document, 1.4 MB

    In this newsletter: tips to support safe scooter use at school. Primary curriculum resources explained. Reminder about Mix & Mash competition. Constable Aaron Dann on bike and scooter safety.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 13 (May, 2013)

    PDF Document, 1.3 MB

    In this newsletter: Mix & Mash competition infographic example. NZTA resources support English lessons on advertising. Students take charge of scooter safety. Police officer Fenton Herrick, Southland.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 12 (2013)

    PDF Document, 895.1 KB

    In this newsletter: NZTA prize for road safety digital story in Mix & Mash 2013. Teachers talk about the NCEA assessment resources using road safety as a context. West End School students write about a changed street. Senior Constable Marnie Worth helps young people make sound choices.

  • newsletter11

    Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 11 (2012)

    PDF Document, 683.2 KB

    In this newsletter: Winners announced in NZTA_Remix competition. Peer-reviewed NCEA resources available. Primary students consulted on Mangere Bridge replacement project. Senior Constable Kevin Marshall on making safer journeys.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 10 (2012)

    PDF Document, 1.4 MB

    In this newsletter: Winners announced for primary years competitions. Khandallah School students take action on pedestrian subway as part of inquiry project. Year 10 statistics classes examine braking distances at Wellington College.

  • newsletter 9

    Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 9 (2012)

    PDF Document, 1.0 MB

    In this newsletter: More tips for NZTA_Remix. Road safety context for junior secondary science lessons on forces at Lincoln High School. College students trial NZTA curriculum resource for visual arts –design. Constable Amanda Parsons on working with secondary students.

  • Newsletter 8

    Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 8 (2012)

    PDF Document, 577.1 KB

    In this newsletter: NZTA_Remix competition for secondary students detailed. Guide to data mash-ups. Remix advice from the experts.

  • Newsletter 7

    Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 7 (2012)

    PDF Document, 1.1 MB

    In this newsletter: Student authors of Sione’s First Walk celebrate book launch. Details of primary school road safety competitions for 2012. A cycle safety legend video made at St Thomas Aquinas School. Senior Constable Anna Duncan explains the importance of student-led road safety initiatives.

  • Education Portal Newsletter: Issue 6 (2012)

    PDF Document, 881.1 KB

    In this newsletter: Launch of secondary schools road safety competitions. Case study of English secondary curriculum resources. School road safety projects in Christchurch and Tasman. Senior Constable Debbie Wilson talks about road safety after the Canterbury earthquakes.

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