Feet First

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Feet First resources support safe active travel to and from school. These include curriculum resources to use in lesson planning, plus support for active travel programmes.

Feet First curriculum resources for download

Curriculum resources which connect students to the people, places and environments around them.

Learning experiences encourage students to be active participants and contributors to the well-being of their communities. Learning activities develop critical thinking, creativity and decision making.

Aligned to NZ Curriculum levels 1-5.

Teachers can freely download resources for modification and use in the classroom.

Feet First active travel resources

Download copies of Feet First resources which support active travel programmes in schools.

Class walking charts and safe travel posters are included.

Other school resources

Road safety info for parents, families and whānau

Available: Hike it, bike it, scoot it, skake it

This leaflet describes the things you need to know to help teach children about staying safe on roads, cycling, walking, taking the bus and near railways.

Use in school displays, or hand out to families and whānau as a handy reference tool.

Years 1-8 curriculum resources

Everyone is a road user, written by Pam Hook, encourages primary and intermediate school students to act as citizens, by:

  • finding aspects of local journeys to focus on to support road users in their community
  • listening to different perspectives about their identified aspects of their inquiry
  • seeking community-based solutions to help road users experience safer journeys
  • becoming knowledge producers for their local communities – collecting and creating stories about safer journeys for pedestrians, cyclists and passengers.