School Traffic Safety Teams

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The School Traffic Safety Team Manual is the guide for New Zealand schools operating

  • school patrols
  • school wardens
  • bus wardens.

It was revised in October 2016.

The manual can read online or downloaded  as a PDF file.

  • School Traffic Safety Team Manual

    PDF Document, 5.0 MB

    Download the complete manual as a PDF file.

  • Introduction

    This manual is designed for use in conjunction with the police training programme. It’s also useful for monitoring and evaluating your school traffic safety team, for reporting to senior staff and the board of trustees on the effectiveness of your team, and for planning student activities focused on traffic safety.

  • Who's responsible for what?

    Once your school has discussed the options with your road controlling authority and New Zealand Police and decided to establish a school traffic safety team, the responsibilities of the partners are described on this page.

  • School patrols

    School patrols help to keep students safe on the road by controlling the flow of vehicles and pedestrians at pedestrian crossings and ‘kea’ crossings (school crossing points). Read about selecting members, equipment and uniforms.

  • Going on school patrol

    Setting up the school patrol, operating the patrol, ending the patrol and coping with heavy traffic, visibility and windy conditions.

  • School wardens

    School wardens provide a valuable safety check for school children – most commonly at unmarked crossing points, but also at pedestrian crossings where no school patrols are operating and at traffic-light crossings.

  • Bus wardens

    Bus wardens are senior students who work with the school’s bus controller, bus drivers and the supervising teacher. More about their duties and emergency preparedness.

  • Training your school traffic safety team

    Information about the content and timing of training programmes, and how to report unsafe or illegal behaviour.

  • Legislation: school patrols, school wardens and school crossing points

    Excerpts from current legislation (as at October 2016) regarding school patrols, school wardens and school crossing points.

  • Specs: pedestrian crossing

    PDF Document, 94.9 KB

  • Specs: kea crossing

    PDF Document, 68.9 KB

  • School patrol training sheet

    Word Document, 52.7 KB

  • School traffic infringement report

    Word Document, 140.8 KB