Walking and cycling moves ahead in Wellington

Bicycles are among the prizes during Movin'March.

February 29 2016. Students will be walking or wheeling to school as part of a month-long series of events in the Wellington region.

Teachers looking for ideas on how their school community can explore safe and active travel can turn their eyes towards the capital.

Getting kids active on the way to school is the focus of Movin’March month. Over 50 schools throughout the Wellington region have so far registered to take part.

“Movin’March is a region-wide event celebrating students who walk, cycle, skate or scooter to school and the parents and caregivers who support active travel,” says Melanie Thornton, Manager of Sustainable Transport at Greater Wellington Regional Council.

“This year Movin’March runs for the entire month of March, so schools can run active transport activities whenever it suits. There are great prizes to be won for the schools and children that take the highest number of active trips during the month.”

Nicky Morrison, the School Travel and Pedal Ready Programme Coordinator at the Regional Council is pictured above with two bicycles which are among the prizes for students who keep a “passport” recording their active trips to school. The council is also recognising the supportive role of family and whānau with a photo competition run through Facebook.

Resources on website

“We have a brand new website with lesson plans, competition details, activities and resources,” says Melanie Thornton.  “Any schools that wish to take part can contact us and get involved.”

The home page has a video full of insights from teachers, students and family members.

Here it is:

Movin’ March