ULearn: Authentic contexts for safety

Rail crossing 

October 3 2014. Teachers to speak about curriculum resource in action, covering rail safety and citizenship.

A junior primary class used Skype to talk with students in Singapore, giving them a chance to find out directly about how young people travel in the Asian city.

The learning experience shows how teachers at Newmarket Primary School are developing a culture of collaborative learning, built around a concept of citizenship which operates at the level of school, community and globally. The Skype session allowed students to compare life in Singapore with their experiences of learning to stay safe around the rail network in Auckland. 

Sonya Van Schaijik - the school’s lead teacher for e-learning and Virginia Kung - assistant principal with responsibility for curriculum, will speak at the ULearn conference this month about how the school has adapted a rail safety curriculum resource published this year.

This year, the pair worked with colleagues to plan learning experiences based on a rail safety curriculum resource developed by a reference group that includes the Tracksafe Foundation and published by the NZ Transport Agency.

‘The resource is not just about trains, it’s about developing citizenship and learning framed using SOLO Taxonomy,’ says Virginia.

ULearn workshop participants will learn about the resource and the elements of good learning design, including the use of key questions and concepts framed using SOLO Taxonomy.

Event details

When: Friday 10 October 9.45-10.15am

Where: Sudima Hotel, Baycrest 1 Room

Twitter: @vanschaijik @ginnynz01

Full details: ULearn calendar