Sharing our roads safely

February 1 2017. School leaders can help families and whānau start the year well by sharing knowledge about safer journeys to and from school.

Schools are encouraged to share knowledge of safe routes with the whānau and caregivers of new and returning students. In addition to that local knowledge, schools can draw on the advice found in:

Hike it, bike it, scoot it, skate it: Safer journeys for school children. A whānau and caregivers’s guide

This online and printable leaflet describes what people need to know to help teach their child about staying safe on roads and near railways. Advice is specific and practical.

PDF versions are in English, Māori, Tongan, Samoan and Cook Islands Māori.

Topics covered:

  • Walking
  • Driveways
  • Walking on rural roads
  • Cycling
  • Helmet safety – cycling, scooting and skating
  • Safety around trains
  • Taking the bus
  • Going by car

Local council officers and police school community officers are also available to support schools with managing safe journeys to and from school.

Other resources for the new school year

School Traffic Safety Manual

Schools with school patrols, kea crossings, school wardens and bus wardens should ensure they have the updated manual, revised in October 2016.

Future Transport Competition

Students in Years 1-13 can enter a curriculum-based competition in Terms 1 & 2 2017. Teams collaborate on investigating future transport in New Zealand and using their ideas to produce a playable game or narrative.

Road safety education policy

School leaders are encouraged to include road safety education policy in their self-review cycle. An example policy and useful links are here: