School bus safety resources available for schools

8 May 2018. Schools reviewing safety on bus routes can find resources to help, including guidelines for siting bus stops and information for families.

Schools can use several resources to help students and families learn safe practices around school buses and for staff to audit bus stop locations.

Use these as part of communications with the school community, and as part of internal self-reviews of safety policies and practices.

Have you audited the safety of bus stop and bus routes?

Guidelines for school bus stops.Guidelines for the Safe Siting of School Bus Stops

This is a guide for schools, school bus operators and road controlling authorities for the safe siting of school bus stops.

You can use these guidelines to review a school bus stop or undertake an audit of all the stops in a school bus route.

The guidelines describe factors that optimise safety. Includes checklists to use when reviewing the safety of bus stops and bus routes.

Additional information for schools comes from the Ministry of Education: School Transport

Does your school community know the safest ways to use school buses?

Year 1-8 Bus safety leafletYear 9-13 bus safety leaflet.

Making safe choices when travelling to and from school by bus

This a leaflet aimed at students and their families and whānau.Available in Years 1-8 and 9-13 editions. It has information about:

>drop off and pick up in the family car

>waiting for the bus

>getting on and off the bus

>travel on the bus.

Hike it Bike it leaflet.

Hike it, Bike it, Scoot it, Skate it

This information sheet for families covers all transport modes. It includes brief advice on safe travel when taking the bus. Some quick pointers from the resources:

>Slow down to 20km/h when driving past a stationary school bus on either side of the road.

>When picking up or dropping off children at the bus stop, wait on the same side of the road as the bus stop.

>If they must cross the road after getting off, wait until the bus has gone so they can see clearly up and down the road.

Do you have senior students rostered as bus wardens?

School Traffic Safety Teams Manual

School Traffic Safety Teams Manual

Bus wardens are senior students who help with safety on school buses.

They work with the school’s bus controller, bus drivers and the supervising teacher.

Roles include monitoring and supervise children’s behaviour on and around the school bus,  and ensuring they make their journeys safely.

Everything you need to know about setting up a team and training bus wardens is in the STST Manual.