Road code learning online, in class

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November 25 2016. Online literacy tool with road code content gets good response from secondary students.

An online learning tool is helping secondary students in Canterbury learn about safe road use while strengthening literacy.

The way that Pathways Awarua links to real-life contexts makes it a winner, says Jan Stark, the Literacy Coordinator and Specialist Classroom Teacher at Darfield High School, Canterbury.

Pathways Awarua is the Tertiary Education Commission’s (TEC) online literacy and numeracy resource. This year it became freely available to students in Years 9-13. Themed content includes the road code and heavy vehicle pathways, developed in collaboration with the NZ Transport Agency.

“The students I have using Pathways are in my Year 11 Literacy class. I use the road code modules and the vocabulary building modules the most as they support the classwork we do,” says Jan.

She has built a unit of work around the idea of becoming a responsible driver and the Pathways Awarua modules form the reading part of the unit.

“The Road Code is great for helping the students work on their reading skills as it is at the appropriate level and it is of high interest and relevance to the majority of my students. My literacy class focuses on the literacy skills students need to function as informed New Zealand citizens so any work that is linked to real life is a winner,” says Jan.

“As most of the students who go for their learner's licence pass and the students themselves ask to use the tool, I count that as successful.”

Recent features in Pathways Awarua

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Health and Safety Pathway

This covers the fundamental principles of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, as well as helping learners to understand their role in workplace health safety. There are four collections: personal health and wellness, staying healthy and safe at work, understanding workplace health and safety, and incident reporting.

Pathways Awarua goes mobile

The Pathways Awarua road code app is available from the App Store and Google Play. This let you use the modules on an iPad or Android tablet when not connected to the internet. Plus the website has been optimised for smart phones and will change size to fit the screen size of your device.