Rail Safety Week is here - 2017

14 August 2017. Rail Safety Week is an annual community awareness initiative. Find out what’s happening and get links to resources.


KiwiRail, TrackSAFE and Wellington band the Drax Project have joined forces to spread the message about the importance of being aware of your surroundings around tracks. In New Zealand and worldwide, headphones and mobiles are contributing to a rise in incidents between trains and pedestrians. Remember – remove your headphones, and remove the risk.

Posted by KiwiRail on Sunday, August 13, 2017

Rail safety week runs between 14-20 August 2017. The focus is on two major concerns:

  • Safety of pedestrians in urban zones,
  • Motorists' safety in rural areas.

The week is led by KiwiRail and TrackSAFE NZ with support from other organisations including the NZ Transport Agency.

Urban campaign

The increasing use of technology along with the rollout of electric trains in Auckland and Wellington, and more frequent services particularly in Auckland, means a need to increase messages to pedestrians about staying alert and focused.

Rail Safety Week 2017

Rural campaign

Rural drivers are being encouraged not to be complacent, as complacency is one of the known key contributing factors to collisions.  People expect they won't encounter a train because they may only see two a week.

  • Stay focused every time you approach a level crossing.
  • Always expect trains at any time, from either direction.

The Expect a train campaign will relocate to Matapuna Road, Horopito in the Ruapehu region as part of Rail Safety Week. This campaign aims to get local drivers off "autopilot" mode when approaching and crossing rural railway tracks.  The campaign includes a locomotive-sized billboard.

Rail Safety Week 2017 billboard

This is the fourth location for the campaign after being launched in 2015. The billboard was previously in the Wairarapa, Central Hawkes Bay and Rangitikei District. Feedback is positive, with locals saying it has caused them to rethink their approach to rail level crossings.

Watch out for more events throughout New Zealand to mark Rail Safety Week.

Rail Safety Week (TrackSAFE NZ website)