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April 26 2016. Secondary students can build literacy and numeracy as they prepare for driver licensing through online modules.

Pathways Awarua, the Tertiary Education Commission’s (TEC) online literacy and numeracy resource is now freely available to students in years 9-13.

From March 2016, the Ministry of Education has supported its use in state and integrated schools with year 9-13 students.

The resource includes over 390 modules to support learners in strengthening their numeracy, reading, writing and listening competencies.

Driver licence content

Pathways Awarua includes the road code and heavy vehicle pathways, developed in collaboration with the NZ Transport Agency. These modules cover content for the learner, restricted and heavy vehicles driver licenses, providing a relevant context for many young learners.

Modules include finding out about the learner licence and restricted licence processes, and important skills like scanning for hazards, parallel parking and three-point turns.

The heavy vehicles pathway covers topics such as carrying loads safely, log books, dimensions and weights.

New secondary space

In the Secondary Space the modules on the numeracy pathway are linked to levels of the New Zealand Curriculum.

The website includes a simple registration process for secondary teachers.

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