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Being part of the conversation


Social marketing on road safety needs to encourage young people to join in the conversation about shared road use.

Holly McGeorge, Projects Coordinator at the Wairarapa Road Safety Council says using theNZ Transport Agency's Fact Sheets helps her thinking about how road users interact and treat one-another on the road, and how road safety professionals can support change.

Holly McGeorge

Holly McGeorge

The Fact Sheets describe international research findings on effective practice in road safety initiatives for young people.

“Your personality doesn't need to change when you get in and out of the car. You shouldn't be thinking about the destination, but more about the task at hand which is the journey.”

She considers initiatives in light of how they help people think about the relationships we have on the road. Social marketing should help people see they are the same person day in and day out.

Having consistency in the angle taken and longevity will ultimately help those messages shine through to others, she says.

Holly says anecdotal evidence from a youth hui in her region was that young people felt adults did not listen to them so they were reluctant to listen in turn.

Messages need to support people to think about how to share use of the roads. That needs to involve helping young people feel they are part of the conversation rather than having adults decide everything for them.

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