Talk on using context in maths and statistics

November 2015. Statistics teaching fellow Sarah Howell will present to statistics teachers in Auckland about her road safety resource for Year 10 students.

Sarah HowellThe choice of context for statistical enquiry can motivate and engage students, helping them to see the relevance of what they are doing.

Sarah Howell will explore this idea further in a presentation to secondary teachers at the University of Auckland’s annual Statistics Teachers Day on Friday 27 November, 2015.

Sarah is a Teaching Fellow in Statistics, Victoria University of Wellington. She has written three mathematics and statistics curriculum resources for the NZ Transport Agency.

Here is the abstract for her presentation on 27 November:

How Far Until it Stops? Promoting Road Safety Messages through the Maths and Stats Curriculum

Sarah Howell

The choice of context in our Mathematics and Statistics lessons is important for many reasons. It can motivate and engage our students, promote ideas around citizenship and key competencies and show them the relevance of what they’re doing.

Statistics investigations allow us to authentically integrate meaningful context into our lessons as understanding the context is key to completing the investigation.

This workshop allows participants to take a look at one of the NZ Transport Agency’s curriculum resources for statistics: ‘How Far Until it Stops?’

This resource is aimed at Year 10 students (although it is adaptable for senior classes) and supports them through a PPDAC investigation into vehicle stopping distances.

Through this investigation, positive road safety messages are promoted as students develop an understanding of what stopping distances mean to them, by investigation of the dataset.

The resources are free to download and adapt by teachers:

Mathematics and statistics resources

Details about the professional development day:

Statistics Teachers' Day (University of Auckland)