Ideas to promote walking school buses

Word cloud showing benefits of walking school buses.

March 8 2016. Auckland students have made videos and pieces of creative writing about their experiences of using walking school buses.

A week of events got Auckland students, teachers and families involved in plenty of fun on walking school buses.

Over 70 walking school buses took part in Walking School Bus Week early in Term 1. The week was organised by Auckland Transport.

The events could provide ideas for people in other regions looking to raise awareness of walking and walking school buses. In a walking school bus, students walk to school together with adult volunteers along a planned route.

Here’s what a student winner from the week’s video and writing competition had to say about the experience:

I love the Mission Heights Primary walking school bus because when you walk to school it feels so cool.

My mum is a member and takes my friends, my brother and I to school every day. Imagine walking to school every day, walking in nature and more! Walking to school is way more fun than driving to school.

BTW: If you walk to school every day you can feel the air and see nature: trees, flowers, plants, flax waving in the air.

Rugby player Jerome Kaino visited the winning schools. Other competitions that ran during Walking School Bus Week included people sending in walk-to-school selfies, volunteers writing about why they liked their role, a competition for new walking school bus routes, and a competition for students to check route safety.

According to Auckland Transport, the aim with the latter was to make walking routes safer, but it was also a great way to get students involved in conducting a safety audit for their walking route. Students learned about hazards on the Walking School Bus and how to eliminate, reduce or avoid them.

Learn more about safe walking routes

Here’s a safety video for parent volunteers in Auckland. It’s about walking school bus road safety and hazard identification.

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