Transport as a context for encouraging skilled and active citizenship

NZ Transport Agency curriculum resources support learning about active citizenship.

Paper by Pam Hook

This paper summarises the learning design of curriculum resources published by the NZ Transport Agency. Email for correspondence:
Published November 2014


The safe road system is used as a context for active citizenship in the NZ Transport Agency’s road safety education resources. With their ‘strengths-based’ approach to road safety education, these curriculum resources engage young people in thinking and acting together to find and manage opportunities and challenges for roads and road users in their local communities.

A key aspect of their design is that these resources can be embedded in the day-to-day work of teachers in schools. Recognising students as citizens and schools as knowledge producers for local communities, the resources provide flexible and adaptive ways for students to think and act in their community, prompting their democratic imaginings and agency as road users.

This paper summarises the thinking behind design for pedagogy that matters.

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