Guidelines & research

Guidelines and research into road safety education in New Zealand schools.

Road safety education in New Zealand schools is guided by evidence about best practice, and supported by agencies including the NZ Transport Agency, the New Zealand Police and local councils.


These help schools assess the efficacy of road safety education initiatives and programmes being offered to them.

Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers give further guidance, plus links to example policies and educational resources.

Fact Sheets: Good Practice in Road safety

These fact sheets describe research findings on effective practice in road safety initiatives for young people.
Four fact sheets are available: Research Summary, Guide: Community Programmes For Young Road Users, Guide: Road Safety Education in Secondary Schools and What Doesn’t Work For Young Road Users And Why.

Research on road safety education

Nurturing citizenship: road safety as a rich context for learning by Rosemary Hipkins, Chief Researcher, NZCER examines case studies of New Zealand teaching and learning.

Research includes papers by educators Pam Hook and Mary Chamberlain which outline the evidence base for what works, the principles of good learning design and the impact of effective pedagogy.

More information

Includes links to New Zealand and overseas road safety initiatives.