Stories about the virtual field trip

Read about the virtual field trips being held at Waterview Connection, New Zealand's largest and most complex roading project. The first trip was in August 2014. The second is in August 2015.
News and newsletter articles give background to the project and explore educational opportunities and outcomes.

Secondary teachers talk engineering
July 17 2015
Green Bay High School teachers.Secondary teachers say Year 10 is an important stage for students thinking about subject choice and possible career pathways, making a new education initiative timely.
The teachers were speaking at the launch of the Waterview Connection: A Learning Pathways Challenge, which is open to invited schools. 

Information and inspiration
July 15 2015
Teachers from Auckland Girls' Grammar School say students, staff and families all have a role in learning more about pathways into engineering careers.
The secondary school is among those invited to take part in the Waterview Connection: A Learning Pathways Challenge.
This initiative gives Year 10 students visits and learning experiences to help them make decisions about further learning and in particular for engineering as a career option. 

Students to experience engineering on a grand scale (Newsletter 26, PDF) 
July 13 2015
Learnz teacher Shelley Hersey shares some thoughts in advance of the Waterview Connection virtual field trip.
"The scale of this project is immense so it will be rewarding to meet the actual people who design and build the structures. The experts we meet will bring it all back to a human scale, as they explain how they manage the construction process."
Plus engineers Alison Craigie and Ben Parsonage talk about what it is like working on the project. 

Waterview: engineering at scale
July 10 2015
Roger McRae and John BurdenWhen Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine broke through at the north end of a new 2.4 km motorway tunnel in Auckland, she was only 30 mm off the exact position engineers had plotted for her.
That insight into the pride and precision engineers take in their work came from Waterview Connection project manager John Burden, speaking to secondary teachers at the launch of the Waterview Connection: A Learning Pathways Challenge. 

Call for more to take up engineering careers
July 3 2015
More people are needed in the engineering sector, says the person overseeing construction of New Zealand’s largest roading project. Roger McRae, project alliance board chairman for the Waterview Connection, was speaking to secondary teachers at the launch of the Waterview Connection: A Learning Pathways Challenge.

Secondary students explore engineering pathways
June 26 2015
Great North Road Interchange, Waterview Connection.Year 10 students are finding out about engineering careers through learning experiences based around New Zealand’s most complicated roading project, the Waterview Connection.
The educational initiative is called The Waterview Connection: A Learning Pathways Challenge. It was recently launched to a group of secondary teachers at the Well Connected Alliance’s site office in Auckland.

Watch Dennis lift 70 tonnes at a time
June 19 2015
A virtual field trip from August 4 will let students experience the Waterview Connection, New Zealand's largest and most complex roading construction project. Here's more about Dennis the giant gantry, which is used to build motorway ramps.

Road project ramps up virtual learning (Interface magazine)
June 17 2015
This August, a virtual field trip will let students experience how engineers and workers build giant ramps over a busy motorway as part of a major infrastructure project. 
Cars and trucks move along a motorway beneath the wide concrete ramp we walk along, our senses alert and hard hats firmly in place. Above, even higher, looms Dennis – the latest machine marvel at Waterview – a bright yellow ‘self-launching gantry’, which uses strength and precision to lower giant concrete beams into place on four ramps leading to and from twin motorway tunnels nearby.

Virtual field trip starts August 4: Waterview Connection
June 16 2015
A virtual field trip will let students experience the Waterview Connection, New Zealand's largest and most complex roading construction project.
Background videos and more are here.

Virtual trips take students underground (Newsletter 21, PDF)
October 2014
Teacher Shelley Hersey kitted herself up in safety gear including a hard hat, steel-capped boots and emergency rebreather, then entered the first massive Waterview road tunnel in Auckland.
She journeyed down into the earth, through the curved concrete tunnel, along an elevated gantry and then, among deafening whirrs and thuds, she turned to the camera.
"You’ve come a massive 1.9km into the tunnel underground here to finally meet Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine," she told school students taking part in this virtual field trip from their classrooms.
Also on page 3: Students, citizens and road users. Citizenship education could be the big idea for teachers using Waterview and Memorial Park virtual field trips to deepen and extend student learning.  

Vivid visit helps young learners
November 8 2013
Diggers, workers in safety helmets and boots, big long bridges – there was plenty of vocabulary and interesting concepts for children at Wesley Primary School when they turned their attention to a motorway under construction.
The Waterview Connection project connects Auckland’s south-western and western motorways and will include two long tunnels. The major roadworks pass within a kilometre of Wesley Primary, in the suburb of Mt Roskill.

Poster details Auckland’s monster tunneling machine
July 8 2013
Poster of Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine, Waterview Connection.Student projects could build on details of the massive machine being shipped to work on motorway tunnels. Progress on motorway tunnels in Auckland is expected to proceed at a snail’s pace. The tunnel boring machine for the Waterview Connection has a top speed of just 8cm per minute, the same as a snail. 

Search starts in schools to name Waterview’s mega-machine
June 6 2013
Competition opens for Auckland primary school students to name giant tunnel boring machine arriving for city's Waterview tunnel project. Waterview’s TBM is the 10th largest in the world, with a cutting head diameter of over 14 metres. It is due to arrive in pieces from China in mid-July. It will be assembled in the motorway trench at the southern end of the tunnel route between Owairaka and Waterview.

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