Waterview Connection

Artis's impression of bridge on the Waterview shared path.

Four virtual field trips - video highlights below

Waterview shared path mapAll Waterview virtual field trip videos and resources available.

Four virtual field trips were held at this large scale infrastructure project.

Alice the gigantic tunnel boring machine dug twin 2.4 km motorway tunnels beneath Auckland’s suburbs.

The Waterview Connection completes Auckland’s western ring route.

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Waterview Connection Virtual Field Trips (LEARNZ website)

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Video highlights from Waterview virtual field trip 4

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  • Making connections using shared pathways

    Take a walk along the Waterview Shared Path and find out why this path is an important part of the Waterview Connection Project.

  • The Pink Path for cycling and walking in central Auckland

    Travel back into the centre of Auckland to see a different kind of shared path and look at how its design has helped encourage cycling and walking in the city.

  • Quay Street Cycleway

    Discover how cycleways are monitored and how they can be created alongside busy roads.

  • Cycle safety at Point Chevalier School

    Take part in a cycle safety training course at Point Chevalier School and see how students check their bikes to ensure they are road worthy.

  • Benefits of shared paths

    Cycling and walking are not just good for your health, find out about some of the other benefits of using shared paths to get to where you want to go.

  • Electric bikes

    Meet up with Alan Meharry from Auckland Transport after his morning commute on an electric bike. Find out how these bikes work and what's different about this particular bike.

Video highlights from Waterview virtual field trip 3

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  • Breakthrough

    Drive to the entrance of the southern Waterview Connection tunnel and talk to Alain Giauque, a project engineer, about the completion of the second tunnel and Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine's final breakthrough.

  • Goodbye Alice

    On the first Waterview Connection field trip you met Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine, on the second field trip you saw how Alice was turned around to start the second tunnel, now you can see how she was dismantled so her parts can be recycled.

  • Turning playground designs into reality

    Meet Al Rigby, a landscape architect, and students from Waterview School to see how they have helped make their imaginary dream playground a reality.

  • Transforming Oakley Creek

    Meet Hannah who is an Environmental Scientist and see how Oakley Creek has been transformed to provide a better habitat for wildlife.

  • Guided Tunnel Tour

    Meet Ewart Barnsley and take a tour through one of the Waterview Connection tunnels.

  • The Missing Link

    Discover why the Waterview Connection was built and how it will impact not only on Auckland but also on New Zealand.

Video highlights from Waterview virtual field trip 2

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  • Alice and the turnaround

    Get close and see how much progress Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine has made since the first field trip and find out how she was turned around to start the second tunnel.

  • Looking after the neighbours

    Discover how activities on the construction site can be managed so they don't disrupt the locals.

  • And playgrounds too!

    The NZ Transport Agency doesn't want to just build a road they want to leave behind better places and spaces for people living in the area. See how a playground has been designed for the local community.

  • Meet Dennis!

    Climb up to meet Dennis the gantry crane and find out how he came to be called Dennis and what work he does on site.

  • How Dennis works

    Talk to Section Engineer James Chamberlin to find out how Dennis works.

  • Field trip 2 summary

    Shelley summarises the week at Waterview. Take some time to reflect on what you have learnt during this second field trip to the project site.

Video highlights from Waterview virtual field trip 1

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  • The Western Ring – An Alternative Route

    Find out more about the Auckland Harbour Bridge and discover why Auckland needs the Western Ring Route.
  • Creating Lasting Legacies

    Wander up the partially built Hendon Footbridge to look out over the Southern Approach Trench and see how this area has been changed.
  • The Tunnel Boring Machine

    Meet TBM Shift Engineer Rachel Kelpie to find out more about what a tunnel boring machine (TBM) is and how it operates.
  • Getting to Alice

    Sign in, get your re-breather unit on and travel down into the tunnel to meet Alice the TBM.
  • Meet Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine

    Take a look around Alice the TBM to see how she works.
  • Field Trip Summary

    Take time at the end of the field trip to reflect on all that you have learned this week.