Videos about the Waikato Expressway

Route of the Waikato Expressway

This animation shows you the indicative route for the Waikato Expressway. When finished, it will provide 102km of four lane highway divided by a median barrier all the way from Bombay, south of Auckland, to 4km south of Cambridge.

Construction vehicles

Here’s a fun look at all the large machines used on the Cambridge section of the expressway.

Technology: The Karapiro Viaduct

Watch the bridge get built

This time-lapse video shows the early stages of building the Karapiro Viaduct. The very tall brown posts getting whacked into the ground are piles. The piles were pushed as far as 55 metres down beneath the ground. They keep the bridge stable.
After that, the team built the six columns that stand beneath the bridge. On top of each set of columns goes a big piece of concrete called the crosshead.
Look for the delivery trucks and utes. These give you a sense of the size of the bridge.

Early stages of construction

Members of the project team explain how they are getting the job done.

Building the top of the bridge

Another time-lapse video. Steel beams are lifted by cranes and put in place to make the top of the bridge. Concrete is poured to make a deck and concrete safety barriers are installed on both sides. The final road surface is yet to come.

Building the steel structure

The project team talks about work on the top of the bridge and plans for planting trees in the Karapiro Gully.

Finishing the deck of the viaduct

Take a look at this video from November 2015 showing the top of the bridge going into place, including the road surface. Almost ready for traffic.

Making our journeys safer

Safe system design

Two roading experts explain how the Waikato expressway is designed to reduce injury if drivers make a mistake.