Walking and cycling

Examples of projects by New Zealand school students to create messages about safe walking. Many of these were finalists in competitions run by or sponsored by the NZ Transport Agency.

Teachers can get resources to support similar projects in their classroom via these links:

Title:Safer Journeys: Using our Feet

What: Pt England School students made this video which includes some quirky animation and live action to get across information about how to walk to school safely and happily. Winner of the NZ Transport Agency safer journeys award in the Mix & Mash 2013 competition.

Title: Lego Life Lessons

What: Stop motion animation about getting to school safely. Made by brothers Travis, Evan and Jared Manning, this video was highly commended in the Mix & Mash 2013 competition.

Title: Sione’s First Walk to School / ʽO le Uluaʽi Sāvaliga a Sione i le Āʽoga

What: Bilingual English/Samoan storybook about a boy’s first walk to school. Created by students of Fruitvale School, Auckland, this slideshow version has many good ideas about how young children can stay safe when walking. Print copies of this book were sent to school libraries.

Title: Little Dragon's First Walk to School

What: This story is narrated and drawn by year 1 and 2 students from Discovery 1, a school in Christchurch. It helps younger children gain a deeper understanding of the right things to do. “You should never get into a car with a stranger, especially a crocodile stranger.”

Title: Pancake’s Lucky Adventure

What: It’s time for Pancake the cat to go to school, so she grabs her skateboard and helmet. But along the way she encounters a few surprises, including a dinosaur and a waterfall. This animated story by students from Otonga School in Rotorua captures the sense of fun and discovery that occurs when heading to school.

Title: Stop Look Listen!

What: Year 3 and 4 students at Renwick School, Marlborough created this video packed with important tips about keeping safe when walking, cycling, and when in a car. Includes tips for pedestrian crossings, intersections and walking past driveways. The students used rhyme and animated drawings to make their messages memorable.

Title: Safety to school

What: Generating interest in setting up a walking school bus? This video shows children, and adults, what a fun experience these can be. Kati Kati Primary School students made this video about their walking school bus and include four tips about safety.


Examples of student work on the topic of safe cycling. Many of these were finalists in competitions run or sponsored by the NZ Transport Agency.

Title:The Doughnut Monster's New Bicycle

What: Animated video created by students at Freeville School, Christchurch. Hand-drawn characters and sets are used to remarkable effect. On his birthday, Doughnut Monster learns which bicycle and helmet will be safe for him to take to school.

Here is the original storyboard created by students for their video:

Title: Going for a bike ride

What: The students at Blomfield Special School in Whangarei like to go bike riding and do it safely. In this video, they look at the gear they use, and demonstrate the hand signals and other safe practices they follow when practising their cycling.

Title: Smart Travellers

What: Year 7-8 students at Pt England School made this video about safe school travel during a workshop they won in the NZ Transport Agency storyboard competition.

Here is the original storyboard they created for their entry: