Videos – Future Transport Competition

Watch videos made to help students and teachers take part in the Future Transport Competition.

Think like engineers: transport engineer Bridget Burdett and educator Pam Hook on how investigation and design projects get students thinking in ways that parallel the work of engineers.

Introduction: An overview of the Future Transport Competition with competition judge Karen Spencer.
Expert interview: Transport researcher Associate Professor Samuel Charlton of the University of Waikato on our readiness for connected and autonomous vehicles.
Expert interview: Transport researcher Professor Nicola Starkey of the University of Waikato on when connected and autonomous vehicles are coming.
Real-life research: A look inside the driving simulator at the University of Waikato, used to test new road safety features and driver behaviour.
Future thinking: Transport engineer Bridget Burdett on future transport trends and how students could think about the topic.
Career profile: Bridgett Burdett discusses the learning pathway that led her to become a transport engineer.
Education for citizenship: Educator Pam Hook talks about transport as a context for active citizenship.