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Overview of 2017 competition

Future Transport Competition bannerThe Future Transport Competition 2017 gave students an open brief to investigate challenges and solutions in our transport system and present their ideas as games or narrative entries.

Entry formats


Entries can take many forms. but needed to meet the judging criteria and be put it together in no more than two files or links.

Judges were looking for dynamic and engaging presentations with student voice.

The main file could be a:

  • written article, story or essay
  • photo essay or photovoice project
  • GIS mapping or geospatial data project
  • poster or infographic
  • statistical or scientific investigation
  • digital presentation with student narration
  • video up to 5 minutes long (animated, documentary, drama etc).

The research document (optional 2nd file) may contain further evidence of the investigation, project development or sharing of ideas.

Playable games:

Games could be:

  • digital (desktop, browser, tablet or phone)
  • board game, trading card game, simulation/drama game or physical activity.

Entries should have up to three files or links.

1. The game as a single file or link. Non-digital games can include a link to a video or photos of the game in action.

2. A research document which explains how students investigated the topic and evidence they shared the game in their school community.

3. Digital game entries needed to include a link to a video walk-through of the game (max 2 minutes).

Judging criteria

Competition judges looked for:

Investigation: The quality of your research. Evidence about how you looked into the future of transport.

Presentation: How well your game or narrative was developed.

Ideas: Evidence of deep thinking and innovative ideas.

Sharing: Evidence of how you shared your ideas in your school community.

Overall Impression: The "wow factor" of your entry.

Why have this competition?

The NZ Transport Agency has a goal of creating transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand, and the New Zealand Curriculum calls for young people to be actively involved as contributors to the well-being of New Zealand.

These come together around the future focus principle’s emphasis on citizenship.

Students are road users who benefit from participating in smart, safe and efficient transport choices.

In that light, young people can think like citizens today about the challenges and opportunities they see in future transport.

Career education resource

Career postersCareer profiles of young professionals (game designers and story tellers) [PDF, 1.6 MB]


Netsafe logo

‘NetSafe supports schools that face safety and security challenges related to digital technology. NetSafe is a ‘safety partner’ by providing online safety advice to schools and young people if required during their participation in the competition.’

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