Competition students meet with council, engineer

Future Transport Competition banner.

6 June 2017. Students working on Future Transport Competition entries added to their investigations by talking with an engineer and a council professional.

Students in Hamilton took part in a question and answer session organised by their school during the early stages of their work on the Future Transport Competition.

Year 7 students at Southwell School hosted School Travel Co-ordinator Cameron Ward (Hamilton City Council) and Transport Engineer Bridget Burdett, who works for a consulting company.

Dean of Year 7 Damian Mills says the aim of this talk was to share with the students some of the issues facing their community around transport.

“From this immersion of information, the students have identified a transport issue that they would like to solve. They will then create their product as a model and share their ideas as a narrative, using their favourite multimedia system.”

“The students asked some really rich questions that showed depth of thinking and we are looking forward to seeing what the students can achieve.”

Bridget spoke about her role as a transport engineer and her career path. She gave her thoughts on where she thinks transport is going and answered questions.

Cameron spoke on the issues in Hamilton, how transport has changed over the last 10-20 years and where transport may be heading.

“I was really impressed with the enthusiasm and how intently everyone listened and wrote notes,” says Cameron. “The level of questions I was asked at the end of my presentation was amazing.”

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