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Student narratives 2017

The Future Transport Competition challenged student teams across Years 1-13 to design games or narratives about transforming transport.


Newsletter 37

Case studies of winners in newsletter

Future Transport Competition case studies.

Student and teacher voice.

Read about the learning behind winners and highly commended.

Read the newsletter now [PDF, 5.4 MB] 

Best Narrative Years 1-6

A Future Transport System

Warkworth Primary School

Students: Alfie, Cory, Sienna, Brianna, Sarah, Issy, Georgia, Tata, Nicky, Uaai, Roman, Alicia, Poppy, Jamin, Sophie, Chance, Blake, Riley, Stella, Charley, Thomas, Ryder, Jesher, Vincent, Finn, Yang Yang, and Illan.

From the students

Global warming is causing climate change. The sun is coming through the hole in the ozone layer and melting the ice. The ocean is rising and it is flooding Kiribati.

Traffic jams are happening because there are too many cars on the roads. This means there are more petrol cars causing pollution. There is also too many crashes.

We have created a new transport system for the future to solve these problems.

Transport of the Future ( students' website)(external link)

Judges' Comments

This entry wowed everyone on the judging panel. It’s a complete package with heaps of great thinking and captivating details.

We loved the animated videos and pictures. The website was neat to explore – you’ve included very detailed ideas about future transport, and your own opinions come through clearly.

To get this outcome, your teamwork skills must be remarkable. Well done.

Best Narrative Years 7-10

Hayden's Big Adventure

Putaruru College

Students: Katie , Eden , Freya , Matthew , Ethan , Emmie , Anthony , Levi , Nathan , Hayden , Jordyn, and Amelia.

From the students

For this competition we have put in more effort than ever before...we have researched, filmed, then we did even more research, more filming and lots of editing. During the making of this film, we have been to our local Police Station and presented to our entire Year 7&8 to get their perspective.

Our film ends with Hayden waiting for the school bus. We imagine a future of our children going to school in a clean, electric, self-driving, expandable bus.

Judges' Comments

This is clever, funny and very impressive. You’ve done a tremendous job of making a video that educates and entertains.

The team tackles a worthy topic: how driverless vehicles could lead to less harm on our roads, and earn extra credit for interviewing a local police officer – great investigative work. The video has a range of media styles which hang together nicely.

The piece feels very complete – it is current, comprehensive and entertaining. It would capture young people’s attention and is worthy of a larger audience.

Best Narrative Years 11-13

Image of Journey story.


Westlake Boys' High School

Students: Zhelin, Tianren, Alfred, and Gautam.

From the students

The first half is rooted in reality, recounting a memory of travelling back from Auckland Airport to the North Shore on a cold Autumn night. This is followed by a transition into a vibrant dream of a Utopian Auckland city perhaps 100 years into the future.

Journey (students' Google Doc)(external link)

Judges' Comments

This story represents a complete reimagining of where things could be. Lots of ideas are worked into the creative writing and the result is a memorable story. We enjoy the contrast between current state and future vision, which includes new transport modes and the concept of personal travel plans. The story is well supported by a commentary with evidence of investigation and sharing.

Highly commended narratives

Future Transport - Going Subterranean

Going subterranean story image.

Year Level: 1-6

St Mary's Catholic School Rotorua

Students: Mitchell, Aaron, and Millie

Judges' comments:

This story is amazing. It is fluidly written with real feeling. Plus, a huge effort sits behind it with excellent research and intriguing solutions.

You’ve contrasted the past and present with the future and you’ve tackled topics like accessibility, pollution and future transport needs.

Readers: be prepared to head underground and beneath the sea in surprising ways.

This is big on imagination at every turn.

Going Subterranean  [PDF, 847 KB]


Year Level: 7-10

Columba College

Students: Abby, Ella, and Sophie

Judges' comments:

This is a really fun, fantastical way of looking into the future of transport. Well done and top marks for presentation. The team examines quantum teleportation and makes a creative leap towards the possibilities for moving people from place to place.

Your video presentation is enjoyable and polished. Good on you for including members of your school community in the development of ideas. The result is memorable.

Commended entries


By Cambridge High School students Vanya, Gracyn, Mikayla, Caimin, and Nick

Judges: We are really impressed with the extent of this team’s research and outreach to the community. Your project presents an authentic investigation into local transport needs, and delivers a tailored solution based on emerging technologies. You asked many questions and submitted a detailed result that is a very impressive piece of work.

A New Petrol Tank

By Christchurch South Intermediate School students Hermione, Mya, and Leah

Judges: You’ve made a really nice entry – the final presentation is engaging and very effective. It gets across big ideas in a simple way. We enjoyed seeing a very complete project including your curious questions and bold investigative work. The result is compelling to watch.

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